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how do keep left over bait?

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i'm just curious how you guys keep extra bait........i usually  have to keep extra bait for a week, because i can never get on during the week unless i take a day off. however, i have a good system,but i am always looking for good tips. i like to keep them in there orginal water until tuesday or wednesday.......of course i keep them with air throughout the week and i like to leave them in the garage so the water stays cold........when i do change the water i go down to a local pond and fill a bucket and change their water.....they death rate is low, but i do find that they are not as active when game times begin......i will change their water at the site, but i usually only do half and half.........half the water they sat in since wednesday and half the water from the lake itself........what do you guys it worth going out and buy a fish tank, which would give them a bit more water to swim in or do you think this is a successful way.

I pretty much do the same as you with a 5 gallon bucket. Works good IMO. If I have to have bait for 2 weeks I will change out the water a couple of times from a local river. But usually if I have leftover bait that means I HAVE TO go fishing the next weekend.  ;) so it is not a bad thing to have.

Regarding setting up a fish tank... if you do it should be like a 30+ gallon or so. Otherwise you will find yourself changing the water a lot which is way more easier in a bucket. I did it one year and since the wife forbids it (smelled bad).


duck doctor:
I use a 55gal drum on it's side. I fill it with tap water and run a 100gal aquarium pump/filter.  I can keep bait in it all winter without a problem. I change the water once a month. The water temp is around 60 degrees also.  One trick I have found is that I do not feed them.

I have a 55 gallon fish tank in the basement,with a filter, and an air stone at one end to circulate the water
I change out 1/4 of the water once a week

just about anything that holds water will work.  The larger the better as then you won't have to change the water as often.  If you keep the water cold it helps tremendously.  I have a few "extra" fish aquariums that I use.  I have them set up in the basement with filter and air pump.  Not as cold as I would like it to be, but seems to work good for me. 


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