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help any info tips and waters that hold smelt  that are able to be icefished

I know people fish Winni's both of them, I have seen people on White lake too. Other than that I haven't seen people freshwater smelt fishing. Now down our way we have Great bay and its trib's to fish saltwater run smelt. Just need the ice and the right tide. I must say I never thought catching small fish could be so much fun, and I don't even eat them! I still love fishing for them.
Can you say glow jigs and sea worms? I have the ultimate smelt set up that hammers them. After many years of trial and error I have what seems to produce the best catches for me ( and better than most fishing around me). it took about three years of me outcatching my father-in-law before he finally gave in and rigged like my rods. Now he too usually goes home with the lions share in the area we fish. Now I don't know if this set up would work everywhere. but it works great on the Squamscott river.

If I feel in a giving mood I'll post a pic when I dig the smelt rods out. Light is right. Light lure, light weight and light line (8lb main with 4lb flouro leader). The 8lb main is just so you don't get major tangles when pulling up the line and laying it aside. Heavier tails out in the current too much and lighter can have you untangling more than fishing.


Catching smelt on Great Bay or up in the tributaries is one of the funnest things I look forward to in the winter.  When they're running you can't pull them out of the water fast enough.  Totally different ice fishing experience.  Plus the shanties have to be able to deal with the salt/fresh water.


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