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Looks like we have a cold week ahead of us.....Wonder if Cedar or Jericho will freeze up some, looks like the whole upcoming week will be below freezing what do you guys think? Does cedar usually lock up before Jericho?

i bet its already frozen over, but no thick enough. like you said it suppose to get cold the next couple of days and as we all know.........its colder up there. i will give a call to my buddy to see if we can get an ice check on both places

Ive seen alot of smaller ponds skimmed over in the concord and north area already.  as much as 2 weeks ago.  So we know they are ready to take.  So if this cold weather really sticks and we dont get much wind we might have a really good chance at some "safe" ice in the lakes region in a week and a half or so. And we all know I use the word "safe" loosely!    Im 150lb soaking wet!  Doesnt take much to hold me!  Lets keep our fingers crossed!


I wold love to hear of some fishable ice on Jericho, are there any other lakes known to lock up early?

four inches seems safe to me.....i weigh about 225, but my buddy richards weighs more so i let him go first. last year we went to littleton and the ice was like a trampoline (about 2 to 3 to scary for me.......i don't think i moved all day. my buddy chambers (175 pounds) had to pick up the traps at the end of the day, because the holes were about 16 inches wide. call me a wimp, but i am afraid of that early ice. i will go, but i just dread the fact of going through the ice and having a hard time coming back up. the same goes for the atv........i need to see tracks before i sink 6 thousand into the water. good luck gang and stay safe. i will try to keep everybody updated on conditions. i plan on taking a ride in a few weeks to do some scouting. if anybody hears anything drop us a post.


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