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--- Quote from: Dipstick on Nov 16, 2022, 07:08 PM ---    Fred,
No location on your profile,but posting in NH. So, guessing that you are in the area. More specifics on where you want to travel would help. Honestly, on here most people have their own definition of safe ice. There have been issues in the past about folks posting "safe ice" (4" for walking) and someone decided to drive a truck out there... NH has a lot of good people who are willing to share, but cautious about safety.

--- End quote ---

Yes, I appreciate the definition of safe ice can be a hairy topic. I normally can't wait for 4", provided I am in experienced company and have all the safety/rescue gear. I live 20 mins west of Boston, but will drive to lakes like Winnepesaukee, sometimes even farther North for good fishing.

Somebody (me, apparently) should tell you that nobody is going to share their early ice spots with you. Or me, for that matter, and some of these guys know me personally. But, there's always that "one guy", and he's usually lying. After his spot burning thread we never see him again.

If you ask for tips on what to look for to find early ice, there are a lot of people here that will guide you.

Start by looking at elevations. Be willing to walk through the woods to a sheltered cove. Most importantly, don't tell anyone when you find it, or you'll find it ruined next year.

Good luck, and be safe!

All jokes aside, the issue with naming specific bodies of water, especially early ice. Is that often times the small lakes and ponds freeze first, making it hard enough to fish and with the internet once you tell one person everyone seeís it and shows up (because there arenít a lot places to fish early ice. I personally donít like fishing a crowded lake.

That being said, your shallow small bodied ponds will generally freeze first. Typically high elevation and northwest will be better and anything protected from the wind. Part of what I love about ice fishing is putting in the work to find a first ice spot. Nothing more satisfying than driving around and drilling the first hole on a body of water for the season!

Best defense against an onslaught of fishermen? Fish private lakes. Found many over the years by picking up the phone and knocking on doors to get permission. Well worth the effort.

Follow Guinea's advice for finding early ice spots and start driving around when it gets cold at elevation.  I am not sure how familiar you are with NH rules and reg.'s but not all lakes and ponds are open to ice fishing.

If you teach a man to find fish you feed him for a lifetime!

Good luck and post about your adventures with pictures!



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