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Good stuff wont be long.

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--- Quote from: Roccus on Jul 28, 2022, 06:54 PM ---You still got more of these to. Caych

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You put us on some good ones and taught me a ton... Watching all the other boats chasing fish while you've got the fish chasing you're boat was awesome. Always a blast fishing with ya Joe. Really looking forward to being your neighbor at the marina next season...

I found a few more of the good times on my phone...

That's some good eating there!

Way to go, guys! Looks like you had some awesome trips!

Good to see you're rocking the beard in the summer, 800. Safety first! If you go over, is there velcro on the side of the boat to attach to?

I am so looking forward to the ice. I hope I get to catch up with you guys this year. I missed you last year, but my aim is getting better.  ;)


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