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Uppervalley Kid:
So this post is not ice fishing related and just a plain gripe. That said, I took my family out on Potanipo for a quick fishing trip this morning and couldn't believe the lack of etiquette displayed by other boaters on this waterbody. Folks taking 30+ mins at the boat ramp oblivious to their surrounding or other boaters. Boaters occupying the boat ramp just to “start their outboard for the season” and my favorite, launching a 28 ft cabin cruiser named Daddy’s Toy and sending it full bore around and around the tiny lake…. I am not one for wanting more regulation but it seems to me like this waterbody is in need of something. Has anyone else experienced this on Potanipo? I have heard of the shenanigans that go on with snowmobiles during the ice season. I am probably better off keeping my mouth shut and never going back. Its a shame because I marked some big schools of pan fish…. Maybe Ill just go earlier in the day.

Steve H.:
See anyone power loading because they didn't want to get their feet wet?  That's my favorite.   :'(

Uppervalley Kid:
No, but I am sure if I stayed any longer it would have happened.


The lake gets a ton of boat traffic and yes ramp activity is a problem. Fishing in small boat and kayak I would restrict usage to early morning or late evening or weekdays, since it is a mess on the weekends.  I have seen the start/test the boat routine often as well, and I have also waited a long time to get out of the water while people launch or pull out unprepared.  Watch out too for small kids playing near the launch unsupervised while you are backing in, the dam and light house there seems to draw a lot of attention.  It would be nice to see more people prep the boat away from the launch and expedite that process, but that's a problem experienced on many bodies of water.

With ice coming soon I felt like adding my $00.02 worth;

You just described my own experience ice fishing there. Snow mobiles and motorcycle (yes motorcycle) apparently claim that pond as their own.
No way can you have tip ups anywhere near the boat ramp. You'd be setting up in the middle of a highway. And they view tipups as slalom flags  - or just run them over.
The boat ramp is apparently where everyone goes to warm up and shake down their machines for the season.


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