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Another ice season out and sadly did not get the trips in that I planned, life keeps getting in the way of the important things... Well, there is next season!

I will turn the lights off on my way out.

haha, that site is ghost town.  mods run most of members off years ago.

just jumped on Ma Fishfinder. not impressed. looks like it's all lurkers. posts and questions viewed by the high hundreds and no one is willing to offer any responses

It gets a little better when more of us are actually fishing, it's the wrong time of year right now. I actually find it a little less "cliquey" and a lot less negative than iceshanty. (Not that folks on iceshanty are inherently negative but ice fishing is a more limited activity so people get more defensive of their locations and such.) You won't see any arguing over locations/gear/safety on myfishfinder and you'll see different people chime in besides the 10-15 regulars on here.


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