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Went up to northern maine this weekend to do some plumbing work/ fishing for a friend who bought a place on grand  lake. Place was right on the water so I set my traps up while I was working and my buddies wife watched the traps. Fishing was slow, had one jaw jacker go off the first day and had what I think was a big salmon but snapped my line and the second day got a nice 23Ē salmon out of the same hole, fought like Crazy. Caught some decent cusk but the salmon was the highlight because we canít catch them in the winter🙄 Got to make some money and fish at the same time canít beat that. Ice was 3í thick the auger barely made it through

Nice !

Love east grand lake ..we spent two weeks up there one July ..crushed tbe smallmouth trip

Canít beat that!

Steve H.:
Heading to East Grand (and Baskahegan) in June for a week this summer for smallies.  Can't wait.  Probably troll a few mornings for salmon and togue on Grand too depending on conditions.

Nice fish!


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