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First Connecticut Lake vs Rain

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was planning to try and get in a last trip camping on the ice this fri-sun up on 1st lake.  the weather looks like hot trash! Anyone been up that way know how much ice was on the lake recently?  Temps in 40s and rain possible fri sat and sunday. not sure if im forcing a potential bad situation hahaha.  thoughts??

I’d be less concerned about the ice conditions and more concerned about camping in the rain in the ice. Not sure how much experience you have camping on the ice but the key to the game is staying dry. And with rain for 3 days that sounds impossible. All you need is a decent wind coming your way and stuff starts floating

have a lot of experience camping on the ice.  been out in a lot of nasty conditions. will have tarp over the hub and if need be set up on shore. Hard to say just how much rain is coming as weather reports up there are always iffy.  Just wasnt sure what the base was now and how quick the thaw could be with this system.  waking up to 6 inches of water in the tent isnt fun either, been there done that haha

I’d say shore would be a decent idea. I’d give treats and treasure a call for conditions

I can see out on the ice being legal for “camping” but can you just pitch a tent anywhere on land? Not busting balls but…🤔


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