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I posted this subject on anther topic I started. Then I thought it was to big to hide in another topic... IT needed its own because it really HIT HOME with me and what I have seen in my years of ice fishing.. Bonfires / have seen it all  and we try to  use auger out there/???I see those slides piled high with stuff I have lost a few things myself going over those humps...Right??...What do you think? am I right?? ??? I got a NEW Electric Auger and I remember of days gone by running into some metal at the OXBOW and did a number to the blades on my new power strikemaster.....Grrrr rrrr.

For the legal eagles...there is a $6000.$15,000 fine for garbage on/near inland water ways (chap270 sect 16)I think and EP would if he was TOUGH come down on you on this topic. I said in the other topic that I came upon a bonfire ashes with about a couple of pounds of 3" NAILS in it and was  1 ft pile...

Yes, I think we as fisherman in over the years have seen about every kind of trash on the ice or frozen down into it. I would hope to think that the bonfire stuff is mostly from non- fishermen. I think one of the worst tragedies that I ever came across on the ice was a pile of burnt up tire remains and all of the steel braid wire. Not good for the environment and definitely would kill your auger if you hit that under the ice and have that tangled mess to get out of. Never ending unfortunately.

tomb raider:
Seen it for years. Especially at Cheshire Res. Pretty sad.

Good post, Ron.

Always make it a priority to clean up on the ice. Whenever a fire is had I like to keep it in a pit and dispose of the ashes away from the ice.

The trash piles are on a whole other level though… that is simply a level of disrespect towards nature that makes us look bad as sportsmen.


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