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Bob - Not that familiar with the flx 30 but one big difference is cost. I paid $425 ish from Reeds pre season sale flx20 propack.
Granted the 20 has the 12 degree ducer which is good mid range ducer but not without limitations. 28 has the two tier ducer more bells and whistles
everything is automatic. I am happy with flx20 and unit is bulletproof as advertised. 
I see the 30's are closer to $800. I also retired recently and fish 15-20 times a winter before heading to FL. 

I have one of the last FL-20 units that shipped with a Tri-beam transducer.  The ability to change cone angles is really useful.  From eliminating clutter when fishing weed beds to watching a flutter spoon at 100 feet, those units get it done.

The only downside to the FLX-30 is cost.  But, it's the only Vexilar unit I'd upgrade to.

Also consider the Marcum LX-7 with the lithium shuttle.  It's dual beam at 8/20.

Bought the fl18 this year and I love it. Purchased after using one with a friend who had the 28. The features on the higher models are nice but not what I considered necessary for what I do especially for the 200+$ price difference. If money isnít an issue than by all means get the nicer models however if your mainly ice fishing with it in 200í of less of water the fl18 will be all you need. Whichever you buy you wonít regret it   Vexilar has a you tube channel where they explain what features come with what models and it was very helpful in making my decision as weíre all the anglers on this forum

hardwater diehard:
The other factor to consider is the case Genz pack ..Pro Pack...Ultra pack. I like the Ultra pack gets the Vexilar unit up a little bit neck strain ...also fits in a 5-7 gallon bucket as does the Pro Pack ...great for traveling on rough and long treks . As for the bag I really like the Trophy Angler electronics bag..I have the older version on my Ultra Pack which works just fine but my buddy has the newer version for his FL18 Pro Pack and it is a little bigger  . My other buddy has the TA  bag for his Genz Pack and he like it as well .

The 12 deg transducer is an all around good choice ..the 19 deg is good if your lake(s) tend to be shollower..the 9 deg for deeper waters

2:30 mark

Bob G.:
Thanks for all of the suggestions and advice. A friend of mine bought an FLX-30 Pro Pack new last Fall for this ice fishing season. He hasnít been out lately and told me he might sell it as he needs cash for something else. He confirmed he wanted to sell it this morning and I picked it up this afternoon after I got done fishing.

It came with the soft case, glow ring and a transducer support arm. I took the glow ring off as I have no UV type jigs, etc. I look forward to using it tomorrow.


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