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Last week I took vacation  time to get a little ice time.  First, I want to thank the guys i fished with this season  for  making  fishing fun even when the catching was not. ..I started the season with 800Stealth, Hunt fish603 and a long  time  friend .it was a slow day..
I fished the derby with AA .AND  800Stealth.. it was a slow derby but between we had snow, below zero temps and rain... it seened like it was windy or stormy every weekend.. my home lake was not a good producer so during my vac
For the first time in 10 years, i fished different  water .
I finished this week on 3 lakes I have never fished, using old school bathymetric maps, and modern GPSmap technology,  I fished bowls, inside turns, drop offs and points, I caught yellow perch, white perch,crappie, pickerel and crappie..I finished the day with an old friend I've known since was a the last 3 days was phenomenal  I went through 10 dozen shiners the last 3 days..
I want to make a special shout out to Salmonemia.. thanks Wane  for shortening the learning curve on one of the lakes..I fished 26" of good ice today, there's more ice tome out there, but my time is up for this season.. time to store my gear and get ready  for Striper season and lobstering.

Great post Joe! Pleasure to spend a part of my limited season with you. My season is finished as well. Onward to Salmon, trout, Flounder, and Stripers.

Good luck with the next season!

  Best of luck to all the Ice Shanties , I still have more hard waters to fish, but am looking forward to the salt and open waters as well   Tight lines  &  stay safe

Looks like a great last week, even if it was stud smallies... Always a pleasure fishing with you Joe, I'll see ya at the seminar next week.


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