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I'm done for this season


The local Wasatch back lakes are filling so fast right now that it is almost impossible to get a machine on the ice.  We tried at Rockport yesterday and it was a no-go for sure.  We did see 2 walk-ons over on the west side, but machine access is history for this year.  We decide to drive up to Strawberry and got there at 10:30 AM.  The air temp was at -2*F when we got to the Marina.  Ice is still well over 2 feet thick and the edges are solid.  Fishing was slow.  My buddy caught 4; I caught zero.  Cost of fuel for that one round trip was over $100.  I'm done for the season.  As is the norm, I believe Strawberry will still be safe and ice fishable through the end of March - if you can afford to drive up there and back.  I'll pass at over $100 a trip and it's gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets better.  Y'all have fun if you still think its worth it.  I think Willard, East Canyon, and maybe Hyrum will get most of my business this summer at current and expected fuel costs this year.  See y'all on here next December.

Sorry to hear that its done for you Bob, I can agree that the gas is getting ridiculous but I'm sure we'll be fishing for a bit still. Maybe ill see you on the soft water this year if I get the boat out and leave the trailer and SXS in Idaho for an extended period this summer. probably wont be hauling them around a lot unless the gas drops.

Got these eyes open water the past few days..  Going to New Mexico for Eyes next week.  Yah basically done with ice fishing! ;D

Nice eyes!


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