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I don't eat 'em, I just like catching them. They put up a good fight, and there's tons of them on the river here, so they're usually pretty easy to catch.

been eating them all my life.  i just dont eat a bunch these days. they are bottom suckers so they pick up a lot of toxins.

slim if you had them fried rite youd be amazed.  they have a sweetness to them like dove breasts.  i cant imagine trying to eat them smoked with all those bones :o

zcm, whats you best gfo to carp bait?  i chum with corn and make sweet taters, strawberry jello and wheaties balls for the hook.  corn also works on the hook very well when im lazy.  crawlers on splitshot rig is my go to for suckers.

I just use an egg sinker rig with small octopus hooks and a bit of nightcrawler for both suckers and carp. I've used other baits and not caught any more carp on them than with crawler chunks, so I just keep it simple.

I catch as many carp, suckers and sheephead on white twister tails in the spring as I do walleye and sauger.

I haven't noticed it as much on the Iroquois or some other smaller creeks, but the suckers in the Kankakee like whacking pumpkin flake twister tails a lot, especially when the water is low.


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