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--- Quote from: R.S. on Mar 07, 2022, 10:55 AM ---are the suckers running up the creeks already?  we have a bunch of big ones in the waters around here.

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sweet!  thanks for the heads up.  those are some tasty fillets.

Michigan Slim:
Used to fish suckers in west Michigan as a kid. Might have to get out on some creeks here and find some holes.

Redhorse, white suckers, and carp are my main targets from the boat. Once the water hits 45 or so the redhorse and suckers will turn on good, and the carp usually pick up once it gets to 50-55

Michigan Slim:
Worst breakfast I ever had was smoked sucker washed down with Rocking Chair whiskey. On Crockery Creek as a teenager.


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