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--- Quote from: fishersofmen on Feb 26, 2022, 05:27 PM ---depends on y0ur philosophy of life......i decided long ago not to tiptoe thru life only to arrive safely at each has his own standard of safety but when a buddy goes out to 430 foot of water and the ice is still 12" thick, i guess somebody can still be worried they may not come home but that just how ive lived my life

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I'm really happy you found your path through life but this post is exactly why people say no ice is safe. Your original post said you went to 4 lakes but then you knew someone who was out yesterday. I was on a valpo lake today and never found 12" of ice. One week ago I went through up to my knees on this same lake. Main lake was great but shore can change quickly this time of year. Wasn't a big issue getting the boots wet but could still mess up a knee or back.

let's not forget the gravel pit thread that led to a couple deaths, if i remember correctly.  safe ice is the ice you just walked off of safely. lol  all other ice is suspect. 

Well said R.S.  Things are going to start getting really sketchy on some of the shallow lakes, and the shallow parts of all lakes.  Take a throw rope, picks, spud, and a Whistle.  You can only yell so long if you go through.

Everyone has their own standard. I tend to be more on the cautious side. I went through once going after a guy that ventured around the thicker ice. All I know is winter swimming sucks!
Be safe. I've yet to catch the bluegill or crappie worth swimming after. Ok maybe the crappie but...... lol

For sure!!! I fell in fishing by myself in 1983 in 14' of water! I was in for 1 1/2 hrs and lived to tell about it!! With the grace of God and a 17 year old hero that worked a 12 foot pram out to where I was and pulled me aboard! You don't want to do that!!


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