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Took a little drive around a couple of local lakes and the temps, wind, and rain have
prettymuch trashed the ice around Indy.  We took a hike around a local pond and saw
a few small sunnies in the shallow water. Time to keep fishin'

fish on,


The edges were going Monday morning by the time I got off the ice here, and they were gone yesterday. Hoping this cold snap the next few days brings them back enough to get out for a last trip or two over the weekend, but I'm not that hopeful. I am guessing Monday was my last ice fishing of 2022.

I think well be fine here in NE Indiana at least until next week when the next round of warm weather hits. I think its going to be a little tricky getting on for a few days but will tighten back up. Be careful out there and enjoy while it lasts.

I checked out a lake south of Indy on Sunday.  Half of it was walkable but honeycombed/spongy to walk on.  The other half was still solid.

Ace in the Hole:
Im too old to fall threw the ice....believe im done for this year.


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