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Roads are a sheet of ice. Stay home if you can. Got around 4 inches of snow here in Wheatfield.

had to get wifes car door unfroze at 5.  so since i was up i went out n played on the ice for 20min.  sliding around on the ice will be fun till i die, i hope. lol

Got about 7" here. The back door of my house and both cars are completely frozen shut. Gonna try to get the car open again once some sun hits it and loosens up that ice. I couldn't even get a car door to budge using a wedge in the seams earlier.

Well luckily we only got a skim of snow/ice. Henry and Wayne countyís. Havenít looked at lakes yet but should be good if bank ice is ok

It looks like we had about 3Ē north of Kendallville. The pond has a thin layer of slush on it and then about 2Ē of snow. I bored a hole and thereís still plenty of ice. I walked out on the dock and then got on the ice. The edges arenít really that good since the pond came up about a foot. Water looked to be pretty murky. Probably canít do much sight fishing now. Iíll probably check out some bigger lakes in awhile.


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