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Lake Summit?

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Is it Safe? Only able to get out now after recovering, hope I didnít miss it all this year.

Fished Sunday afternoon.  Got on from the shade at the campground area.  8-10 inches of ice but caught no fish and only marked a very few.  Disappointing to say the least !

that used to be the destination for many years ago.  i remember buddies driving all the way down there in the 80s and 90s to fish.  im not a traveler so i never fished it.

Ice will probably hold up but, the shore ice is going to be tricky. I would go this morning and get off before late afternoon. Find a good spot to get on/off and be careful. Don't know what's going to happen to ice after today?? Hopefully it will hold on and re-freezes with colder temps coming mid week.

Lost 8-10 feet of shore ice where I was yesterday on Summit. Granted, that ice was sketchy to begin with because of the previous monsoon/ thaw but 10 foot boards got us off dry barely!


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