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Heading to Erie for a bucket list trip for four days. Thurs thru Sunday. Any suggestions on bait types and colors. I have a few ideals but it will be a new experience. Any advice to increase my chances will be appreciated.

Be careful some wicked weather this coming week....

Good luck.  Maybe a rope and lift jacket might also be on your list.

13 to 15 inches of ice within the walking distance of fishing grounds. Ice does not move around as much close to the island according to the local experts/guides. You know when something happens or has happened. The guides get their shantys off. First and last places you can fish on Erie. We will have usual safety gear. Do you wear a life jacket when you go on ice? Don't see that too often but better safe than sorry for some. Todays report is there's a good bite. Hope it continues after Thursdays front.

Around the islands you can be dealing with current.  Pretty strong at times.  Rapalas chrome blue, Chartruese, Clown, have been good for us.  You might want a couple size 9 raps just so you can view them on your fish finder if the current is ripping.  Swedish pimples have worked as well.  A couple in larger sizes also in case of current.  Good luck hope you have a great trip.


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