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Using fluorocarbon for first time

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Hey guys. 

Iíve always used braided line (fire line) or mono and tied to a snap swivel or directly on for walleye.  But I keep reading of guys using fluorocarbon as a leader.

Dumb question here, but what is the reason for this method?  Iíve never used fluorocarbon a day in my life.  How come you can just use fluorocarbon as your main line instead of just a leader?  And how abouts do you tie the leader on to main line and then jig?

Really appreciate it.  Thanks

Because its coily,likes to unravel off the spool,stiff with no not a fan of it for mainline.

Van Noord:
Fluorocarbon as a leader only because it sinks faster and gets your bait down quicker and it's virtually invisible in water. Very high abrasion resistance as well.
 You don't use it as a main line because it is too dense and uncoils much too rapidly.

Thatís some good info, thank u.  The kind my wife got me for Xmas is chartreuse in color and I believe 8# test. Should this work well for a leader?   Also, do you tie main line to swivel then to leader or tie directly?


Im not sure id use hi viz for leader.i mainly use clear because its supposed to be invisible.anyways i use a barrel swivel to attach.


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