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Someone has to it!!

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yes i do find that weird. you would think of all the great lakes in Manitoba and more and more people fishing those lakes. combined with the publicity it gets there would be a lot more input on the ice shanty forum .its kinda just died over the last couple years. ice fishing Saskatchewan forum still going strong if your needing a tip or just some good reads.   

Thank facebook for the death of the forums!

blue igloo:
I warned everyone that social media would eventually kill the fishing forums. As for me, I retired the Blue Malibu adventures  ;D and sold the legendary Blue Igloo!
For 3 years now, I also gave up frozen finger tips and other body parts for the warmer climes of southern Arizona for 5-6 months of the year..
Last year due to Covid was an exception, as driving across the border was forbidden.
I managed to sneak in a few icefishing  trips with Firefighter and AC. It was great reconnecting on the ice with old Iceshanty friends.
I'm sure glad I made it south this year. I see winter this year has been absolutely BRUTAL for icefishing. I STILL see/read that the weekend warriors are still braving the elements and of course getting STUCK everywhere.  ::)
Well guys, March Madness is just around the corner.
Time changes everything and all good things come to an end eventually.
Enjoy the great outdoors wherever it takes you.  @)
Blue Igloo  :tipup:

Water Wolf:
Welcome back blue. ;D
Yeah, warm weather sounds good right about now,lol.
It's been either too cold to fish, or, when it's nice out there is a blizzard, + heavier than normal snow levels on the lake and getting to it.
The fish don't seem like this up and down weather, and, for at lest my area, have really turned off. :P
Looking forward to the March bite. hopefully. ::)

Good Fishin' when you get out, and, stay safe. :tipup:


blue igloo:
Thanks WW. Hope fishing picks up for you soon. Hopefully Mother Nature is kinder in March.
Blue Igloo  :tipup:


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