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Looking for Clam Rise sizing

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Looking to buy a ice armor clam rise float bibs and parka. Does anyone have any insight on sizing as I have never owned a dedicated ice suit before. Iím 6í4 205 lbs and wear 34x36 jeans and large or x large shirts and sweatshirts. If it helps I donít tend to layer up to much since I tend to sweat easier than others and do a fair amount of moving around unless it gets really cold or windy. In those cases I may spend more time in the shanty where a parka isnít needed

hardwater diehard:
Should add your location to your Profile ..State and county ..could be a retailer(with stock) near by to help with sizing and a deal maybe.

hardwater diehard:
This may be easier on the Wallet

I have an Ascent but was able to try on a Rise locally before I bought it. If you aren't layering a bunch under it, I'd say you'd want a Large. I'm about 20lbs lighter than you but also 6" shorter, 34x30 jeans, and the L fits me fine with a sweatshirt underneath. I have room to add another layer if I need to, but it doesn't feel too big with just a T-shirt under either.

I was working at the Clam booth in the apparel section at the South Dakota Ice Institute last weekend so I got a pretty good gauge on sizing because I pretty much helped anyone trying on either a Rise or an Ascent.  Almost across the board for men the sizing was a size larger than you typically wear in your normal clothes.  That also was true for the Blackfish jackets as well.

For someone as tall as you where you may run into issues is your arm length.  I don't know if I helped anyone that tall.  I think tallest was like 6'2 and they seemed to fair good with a size larger.

The bibs wont be an issue for your height because you can adjust the length of the leg of the bib which is really nice.


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