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Making own leaders

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After not being happy with the quality of premade leaders, I just started making my own leaders last season.  I use a single strand stainless wire (Malin Hard-Wire) and use crimps.  I use deadbait (smelt, chubs, or hotdogs) exclusively so movement is not an issue for me.  I find that pike are not hardware shy, so visible wire is not an issue.  I just caught my biggest pike of my life the other day (check it out in the general chit-chat section) so my leaders are solid! 

I use haywire twist for single strand wire, just make sure to crimp ot trim the tag end properly. All of my quick strike rigs are pretied this way.
For mainline leaders, I use 40 to 50 lb fluoro leaders, tied with standard clinch knot. Most of my tip ups are rigged that way.


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