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Making own leaders

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Had good luck with 25#big game for several seasons and large pike.

For what’s its worth I started Pike fishing with 50 pound Fluro thinking that was enough. Sadly it was not and I lost a few heavy Pike that bit right through. I then tried single strand wire with the haywire twist and that worked ok but the two drawbacks to that is number one the time it takes to do the haywire correctly and secondly the wire takes a permanent kink after each fish that is tough to get out. Now I make my leaders from black or red twisted coated wire and crimp the ends.. I have found in most cases Pike are not leader shy. The only other advise I have is add a quality crane swivel to the end of the leader to eliminate line twist on lively Golden’s. Tight lines and good luck.

I started making my own leaders using AFW surflon 7x7 nylon coated steel leader material, 20lb. Ties easily with a basic knot and holds strong. Doesn’t kink as easily, but will after a number of catches. It’s a bit pricey, but worth it IMO.


This wire is what I use for all of my leaders. It is super easy to tie and very tough to any cuts or abrasions. Are pike leader shy with wire? I don't think so, I mean i have caught a whole lot of pike on these, but maybe some saw the wire and left, who knows.

7x7 is incredible stuff, the lighter pound test is nearly as limp as braid. Definitely allows for more natural movement than heavy mono/fluoro


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