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--- Quote from: new on the ice on Jan 07, 2021, 06:59 PM ---i ice fish there,only thing we ever catch are perch

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Any size to the perch?

new on the ice:

I went ice fishing there a few years back when I moved down here from New England.  Never again.  Scary crap.  The ice was thick, about 6inches, but there was about a gap/void of 2-3ft to the water level....I promptly packed up and left.  If I fell in,  there was no getting out.... Never again.

Fished Friday at Savage.  Three to-four inches of snow on top of ice at the top end of the lake.  I didnt go down past the dirt boat ramp but it looked like the area to the dam was at best skim ice.   

Caught three trout with two being almost 20 inches.   A few nice perch.  Most fish jigging.  A couple on tip ups with fatheads.   

Ice was ok, some areas had snow then slush, then hard ice of a few inches.   Be careful and fish with a buddy.   Savage ice can be unforegiving....

Were they lake trout?


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