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DLC tipup tactics for Walleye/perch

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Just thought Id pick some DLC anglers thoughts on tipup tactics for walleyes and perch.Tipup set up what pound leader,what leader length,single hook or trebles?.Does anyone use attractors like beads?The last critical question is what depths are you placing your tipups?

Old School:
6-8' 6# leader, single #6 hook, split shot 4" up, attractant optional, 6" off Bottom

Old School I see you use quite a long leader most of my tipup leaders are 2 to 4 feet.Do you feel the longer leader is more stealthy when it comes to walleyes also do you prefer mono or fluorocarbon for leaders?

Old School:
fluorocarbon. very near bottom minnow position key. I catch more fish jigging with #3 tungsten jigs, & waxes or spikes that tipups.

I use 12# flouro with a #4 Aberdeen hook snelled. I like thin wire hooks, feel like I get better penetration. Couple 3/0 foot or so above. Leader is about 6 foot. I but 12# flouro by the 1000 yard spool since I use it for some many leader applications so why not go longer? Minnows about 6" off the bottom. Seems like you might get lucky during the day, but probably won't see much action until the evening and have them out where you would expect a walleye to be feeding in the evening


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