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Heated Gear - Whatcha Using?

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Just picked up some battery powered insoles on sale at Amazon for about $55. Hopefully they work as well as the have warmer.

Just popped for a nice pair of heated gloves to try. I have Raynaud's syndrome in my right hand and even the best gloves with heat packs won't keep  circulation in my fingers. It's really painful.

Hopefully these will help me get some ice time in this year.


Lenz socks...

I have a snap on heated jacket.

Works well. Wish the battery was larger size but it can be on high for a few hrs. It gets pretty toasty and the hand warmers work real well too.

Ive used it once this season only because it hasnt been cold enough for me to wear it

I can see me using it when I'm hole hopping and standing outside my hub

Sharing my experience.

During the Black Friday sales, I bought some ActionHeat 5v heated clothing: Vest, baselayer pants, socks and hand muff.

They already come with 5v Lithium Ion batteries and can use standard 5v power banks that you can buy for cheap at Amazon. Cable connections are standard USB.

I love the vest on low setting.  I donít really need the baselayer pants because my legs donít really get cold inside my Stryker Climate bibs. Socks were good and warm but when I got my feet inside new Baffin Impacts, donít need Ďem anymore.

I think the best purchase was the battery powered hand muff. I usually keep my hands free of gloves coz Iím constantly handling tackle, gear, etc.  so now I can shove my cold hands into the hand muff and voilŗÖ instant warm hands.


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