Author Topic: Dawson Creek lakes  (Read 361 times)

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Dawson Creek lakes
« on: Mar 20, 2017, 11:05 PM »
Hey Guys Long time no see. I have been working out of town most of the winter and what hardwater season I have had has been nearly fruitless (not many fish either).

hopefully can put up a post with some pics in the next couple weeks.

IN the meantime.... I have a question.

I am planning a get together for the boys this summer and location is Dawson Creek. hoping someone here would know a good place to go with 10 or so guys for a weekend derby. looking for a place we can get a bit rowdy (its a bachelor party) and was hoping to find boat rentals. ie resort type of place.

any info would be greatly appreciated.

tight lines,

well, you think it's any good over there?

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Re: Dawson Creek lakes
« Reply #1 on: Mar 21, 2017, 08:07 PM »
tuff area as not many lakes around that neck of the woods. Could check out Gwilliam lake rec sites, Moberly maybe? there are areas along the rivers to camp as well, like around taylor etc. but most are campgrounds, not too sure how rowdy can be there..
Good luck - lots of ice still left to turn around your hardwater season this year..
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