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Polar Bird 2T ice shanty.
« on: Mar 12, 2017, 10:14 PM »
Polar Bird is one of Iceshantys generous sponsors.
I have used my new Polar Bird 2T a few times recently and its the most well made Iceshanty ive ever been in.
First impression during setup and takedown is the poles are more sturdy then any other shantys ive used, great feeling if the weather turns super windy knowing there wont be any problems.
When the insulated floor is setup it takes away any chill that may have been left of the elements. The floor is very tuff built and has a thin layer of foam and when kneeling down is very easy on the knees- I feel like I could nap on it when fishing is slow.

jpg images\
The bottom skirt of the shanty is blue in color and makes the ice glow blue when looking down the hole- makes me feel like I'm fishing out of an aquarium hehe..

upload pictures

Has multiple storage pockets inside, two windows, one vent hole near the bottom and enuf room for two people plus gear in the 2T model.

Its comes with a bag with all tie downs needed that you put the shanty in and wrap up with straps like a burrito, so no more dealing with frozen zippers or small bags.

how do i print screen

I'm getting excited to do a winter camping trip in it, my cot will fit inside on an angle and little to no heat inside I know ill be very warm. Id love to see the larger 3T or 4T for a couple people with cots inside..

picture sharing

Quick review:

If your looking for a quality built insulated ice shanty, id highly recommend checking out a Polar Bird!

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