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Big gills are the ones you can't get your hand around when you take them off the hook. Saratoga Lake has some real monsters!!!! :'(

OK thanks guys. I caught one about 9" last year through the ice, I think I have caught a few bigger in open water though.

Tburt 27:
Last year though the ice i had a couple of good days gill fishing.  Me and my buddy caught about 5 to 10 gills over 10 all year though the ice, and 1 redear that was 12 3/4.  But for the most part a a keeper gill is about 7 or 8 inches.

I'd say that 10" and up are "Big Gills"  I've caught a few monsters in my day, mostly in the summer drifting, in deep water.  The water was 52 ft deep and the fish were at 15 to 30 feet.  Fun times! :D

I feel they're all good. 8's, 9's, 10's..OR even the 6 inchers..If all your catching is 6 inchers, better keep em..
I was told by a OLD fisherman once..>>>>HOPE I CAN SAY THIS<<<<

"It's good enough for a Turd"



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