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New member, looking for an ice fishing guide, a professional who will take an old man ice fishing in NE Washington or possibly in Idaho.  If any are on here, or if you know of any, please post information.

Lake roosevelt charters guides ice fishing on curlew for perch

Thank you.  I was hoping for something closer to Spokane, and for species other than perch.  Maybe burbot or kokanee.  But, since I have no past experience with ice fishing, at least this is something to pursue.  Anyone know of any other guides?  I found "Clumdog," who operates out of Elk, and takes clients to multiple lakes.  I contacted him several days ago, but have not heard from him since, though I have sent him another email.

Try Clum dog over Fb messenger. Iíve always had good success reaching him there. Brian Clum


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