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I have always used 6in i have pulled nice 15in crappies out of the holes plus a bunch of other species of fish

i have pulled many many 16"+ crappie up 6" holes over the years.  typically, a 15-16"er will have a body height of 6-7" without the fins.  they come up just fine.  i still drill 6" holes to this day. 

Thanks for the reassurances.  Now I just have to worry about a big pike or bass. 

well ive pulled a 7.4# bass and several pike up to 38" through a 6" hole too.  so dont fret. haha

I lose fish not because they won’t fit through the hole but because I don’t get them centered and hang the fish or jig on the edge of the hole. 
I did have a guy tell be last year that I should get a 6” auger because it saves ice…. ::)


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