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Sonar clutter after hookset


Okay so this was happening more often than ever this fishing season.  It seems that just about every fish that I put the hook set on and either it's a miss or the fish unbuckled from it really quick.  There is then a huge sonar clutter.  Is it like they regurgitated their stomach content or something?

Probally just picking up  turbulence the fish created after yanking on him with hook set. I get readings like that while trolling after i cross paths of a boat  that had previously trolled across in front of me.

Try turning the sensitivity down and sharpen hooks.

Fry Flier:

--- Quote from: 3300 on Feb 21, 2021, 06:43 AM ---Try turning the sensitivity down and sharpen hooks.

--- End quote ---
X's 2, sensitivity for the clutter and hooks for the hookups, also maybe lessen the hookset pull they are known as papered lips for a reason.


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