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Fished Sat 13th. 5" of good ice. Wanted perch but didn't walk enough to find them. Did find the trout in 38 fow off to the right from the public access. Maybe 15-20 anglers out. Watched 4 guys limit out a little deeper than I but don't know their method. I was jiging a 1/4 oz red glow and gold spoon baited with maggots. Fish were showing best in the first 15' off the bottom. Mostly Browns but a couple of Bows showed.

Stopped by J of Joe afterwards and there was no one on the ice so I didn't venture out.

Fished it again the 23rd. Tried the area a little deeper (54 fow) where the other anglers had done well as I watched on the previous trip. Nothing there on the scope. There was still lots of fisherman activity in that area. Went back to the spot I fished last trip. Some fish on the scope so set up to work them. Much slower than last trip. Had lots of fish come into the lure, would follow it up or down but not hit. Used different baits and lures over 5 hours for 4 fish. Water depth 39-40 feet. Best lure same 1/4 oz spoon as last trip. Ice still solid, clear and 5". Only a few other anglers.

Fished again the 1st and 3rd. Found fish at 44 fow out from the public launch.   Still haven't talk to anyone that has caught perch?  Used a chrome 3/4 oz buckshot jigging spoon by Northland. Really huge compared to what I normally would use but it gets to the bottom fast and the trout seem to attack it for some reason. At times a fish will run at it and "bam" you get the hit. Other times when they aren't that aggressive they approach slow but if it start reeling up a few feet and jig I can cause them to strike the spoon. Some times they will come up 20 feet before striking? Anyway, lots of fish from the bottom up to 15-20 feet off the bottom.

Still 6 inches of Ice but it's starting to get bubbles honey combing the top 3 inches.


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