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New to the forum. Enjoy ice fishing a bunch. Iím planning an extended weekend ice fishing trip for the weekend after ❤️-Day. I was wondering what the reports were from Fish, Leader, & Patterson Lakes? I would like to catch multiple species(Perch, Crappie, Trout, & Kokanee) to make the trip worthwhile. Iíve fished for Perch @ Fish Lake before and done quite well, but I donít think it has Crappie in it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.

I sure wish that the WA ice fisherman hadn't abandon this forum. I won't go on the ice alone any longer and I won't travel long distance to ice fish. The current reports on here have stopped and I don't do FB or the other social media so here and NW Fishing is my only source of info. I registered here a few seasons back but have not fished enough to contribute. I will post a Waitts Lk report. Was there yesterday.

Well I made the trip. Went to Fish Lake on Friday to fish for Perch and didnít do very good. Other trips Iíve taken I didnít have a problem catching Perch, fished until 1pm then headed to Winthrop. Fished Patterson Saturday and Sunday, caught some Rainbows and a couple of Kokanee. Could not find the Perch or the Crappie. Now Iím waiting for WSDOT to open Stevens Pass in order to go back home, not sweating it I have plenty of vacation time.


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