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Freedom Blade bait versatility


You can rig the Freedom Blade bait 3 ways:
1. As it comes in the package with the VMC double hook on top of the head. Allows you to tap bottom with the nose without snagging. Great for whitefish. Use the back snap location for best action.
2. remove top hook and rig hook on the belly like a traditional blade bait. Use the back snap location for best action.
3. remove top hook and put a treble on the nose and move snap location to middle hole to balance the lure and you have a vertical jig similar to others on the market.
The most versatile blade bait on the market!

Looks cool in the water.

I would love to see a smaller version of weights down to 1/4 or 1/8th oz and lengths of 2" or 1 1/2" for ice fishing purposes.

 Deep open water walleyes seem to like them
  Iím betting Lakers may also through the ice
 They also have a nice finish
  I have caught perch through the ice on the 1 1/2 ď gold minnow spoon


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