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A Visual Map of Ice Conditions In Washington State

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This is a great tool!   But....the past few days I havenít been able to get any info to come up on the maps.  I see the google map....but the icons and info arenít showing on the lakes like they use to. Anybody else having a similar issue? 

Mineís working fine. Thanks, Spiltmilt! I wish more lakes were currently fishable!

Tell me about it, Flam. I have even bothered to get out on the ice yet this season. With tons of snow up in the higher elevations on the way and warmer weather here in the valley, I am not sure I will be anytime soon. Maybe January will be colder?

I also wanted to say thank you for putting this together, it's very helpful!

I do have a suggestion - you have Burke Lake listed on the map but unless I am very much mistaken Burke is actually closed in Winter. Evergreen Reservoir (next to Burke) is the one lake in that area with a year-round season. Last time I was there a few weeks ago it was partially capped but nowhere near safe.


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