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Hello everyone, I'm new to the board as well as ice fishing. This may sound like a silly question to you vetrens.

The lake that I fish has fairly stained water with visibility from 4-6ft, also contains both black and white crappies. I regurlarly fish the lake in the spring and summer but have yet to hook up with to many slabs. Mostly I catch 6-8" black crappies. Where do the 10+" white crappies hang out under the ice? Also do crappies tend to school acording to size like perch? If I catch dinks should I stay or try to locate some bigger ones? All help is appreciated!!

Thanks ,
Brian Lowrey

The obvious question is.... is there a good population of larger crappie in the lake you are fishing.  There are a lot of lakes which dont produce a good population of larger crappies.  This can be do to stunting and or lack of food for the crappie.

To answer your question, yes, crappie do often school by size.  Often you can catch a raogue fish tht may be a curve breaker, but the general rule is they school by size.

Crappie schools will often move around a lot, expecially at trasition times of the day. IE, light to dark and vise versa.  If you are getting smaller fish at one time of the day, check it again at a different time of the day.  The fish are there for a reason, most likely food.

The larger schools of crappie will often suspend over the deepest part of the lake, if your lake has unusually deep holes, they will search out area of the lake that may be shallower yet still has a deep hole.

I often find the best spots to be saddle areas between two points or a point and sunken island.

welcome to the wonderful sport of ice fishing Esoxanator. I dont know if there is such a thing as a silly question when it comes to ice fishing, there are so many variables involved. We fish for crappie on a reservoir here in north central Indiana. And they are extremely hard to find at times. But one funny thing we have found is that there is a spot on the ice where we fish that contains a natural spring (BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN ON ICE THAT IS NEAR A SPRING OR CURRENTS )in the evening we go there and fish for crappie at about six feet in ten feet of water. We catch 5-8 inch fish until about dark and then nothing for a few minutes and then a few minutes after the sun sets the big boys move in and, as my kids say "it's on". Its as if the bigger fish run the smaller ones off or the smaller fish know the bigger ones are coming and get out of their way. The only sad thing is this year for what ever reason they let the water down farther and it messed this particular spot up. Good fishing and stay safe out there   Biggjimm


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