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I have a couple Hydro Glows that I use mainly for jigging squid both off a pier and boat. The small HG250 1,000lm light mainly in shallow water around the pier approx 10-25 deep and the larger HG30 3600lm off the boat. I use the HG250 ice fishing in up to 40 water depth for crappies at night and had pretty good luck suspended 5-15 deep and jigging at or outside the fringe of visible light. Pretty much the same tactic on local tidal coves for striped bass through ice works well, much better than no lights or a lamp above the ice when the bass are around. For batteries I just use small 12v SLA 9 or 12ah for the smaller light and they work fine. The HG30 runs off the boats house batteries.

Ive used green lights in the past, my best success with it has been to use it as a tool to hold fish in the area once Id found them, basically by using the light to hold the cloud of plankton or school of minnows that the crappie are hunting.


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