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How often do you move?

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Is it more productive to chase the crappie, or stay-put and try to call them in?

Iím usually very impatient, and will move if Iím not marking fish within 15 minutes of dropping the transducer. However, this weekend dragging the flip-over through wet snow really slowed me down. I feel like I did just as well (if not better) sticking with the hole, and calling the crappie in with a rattle bait.

Depends how I feel when I'm on the ice by myself or if I have my son with me so he can do all the heavy lifting. :unsure:

find the area where they are at and turn it into swiss cheese. they are roaming. once I find them, I fish the hole. when they are gone and I can't bring them back, I move to the next hole. if nothing, I move in a circular pattern. eventually, you will find them. Yes, I always go back to the hot hole to dbl check

It depends upon the type of lake I fish.  One lake has little structure and the fish roam a lot.  So I move quite often.  Another lake has too much structure.  So when I get on a brush pile I'll stay until the bite slows down than move. 

Temperature related.  If it's too cold, I don't move.  ;D

When I'm able to move about and drill lots of holes.  I give each hole about 10 minutes.


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