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Is it just a bad day?

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Went out for 4  hours with the wife today. Sat on top a school of perch and Crappies. Only about 5 bites all day and caught only 1. I tried everything but dynamite. The only fish caught was a Crappie on a Purist Black jigs tipped with Shrimp.  When I say we sat on them that is just it. There were tons of them going through anywhere from 12-30 in 30 FOW. Tried dead stick,Twitching,Jigging Raising and erratic jigging.  We tried Slender Sloons,Ratso,Ratfinky, Kastmasters,Purist,and a lot of other small to larger jigs. Meal worms,Shrimp,Red Worms,Liver(had 2 hits on that) Plain Plastics and that was it for the day.

Lefty, if you were fishing the reservoir I think you were, I have had the same issue there at times.  I never found a solution either.  Fishing the last 1/2 hour before dark gets them to bite sometimes. 

Yeah it was Crawford. This is the second time this month it has happened. I call it the January Slow down. Happens at the Blue Mesa as well.
I am going to look for some other baits today that might help or waste my money on. Either way I will know I tried my best.

How much pressure has there been there?  The low water may not be helping either. Wax worms usually work better for me.  Good luck, hope you figure them out.

I was thinking low Oxygen. As far as pressure the most I have seen at the lake ever was about 20 Vehicles. Where I was fishing not many people go to that area. Like I said a lot of fish on the finder just not biting.


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