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First Ice 2018/19 - Brook Trout!

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Drove and drove yesterday checking various highland lakes in northern Washington for safe ice. We've had very little snow so many roads are still passable that are typically not this time of year. Found several lakes with 2-3" before finally locating a lake with 4" of clear ice. It didn't take long for the Brook Trout to come knocking after I dropped some worm tipped tungsten through the ice. Excited to get the season underway.

Took my new custom NW Ice rod from Thorne Bros out with the Black Betty Freefall. Love this new setup.

Very jealous over here on the east coast! Beautiful brookies too!
 Im only just hearing about some shallower ponds and small lakes skimming over, and then just got 6 of snow on top of it. I may not get out before thanksgiving but sure will try the weekend after.

Congratulations nice colors on the brookie. If things go right may get on ice around Christmas.

Brookie s are the best tasting fish going...

Brooks are beautiful as your first picture shows. The trout are nice and firm in the cold weather and water conditions. Keep up the good work.


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