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I am always amazed at the endless variety of ways different cultures catch fish across the globe. In part I believe I enjoy fishing because it allows me to have some commonality with people across the world. Recently I was able to to acquire a couple gyeonji rods. These unique fishing rods have been used on the Korean peninsula for centuries to fish in rivers and thru the ice. Having lived in Korea for a while I've always been interested in this counties culture and was curious to try out this style of fishing.

I rigged a couple of these rods with tungsten jigs and headed up to Summit Lake on the Colville Indian Reservation. The road in was treacherously icy and I had to slog through deep snow until I got the lake but I was well rewarded. I found plenty of action which provided a lot of opportunity to learn how to hook, fight, and land fish on these rods. I had a lot of fun, caught some gorgeous Brook Trout, and enjoyed quiet solitude on a  beautiful winter day.

Ice was 16-18" thick with most fish caught in 4-10' of water on small orange tungsten jigs tipped with maggots. Bring your snowshoes if you plan on fishing this lake!

Wow! Another great video Tyler! Thanks for sharing these!

Very nice Brook Trout. I would be so confused with that pole, I would be wrapped up in it. You got the hang of it down. Beautiful day to be on the ice thanks for the video. Looking forward to the next one as long as the ice holds up for you guys. Be safe.


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