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I may see you out there-going to Eloika tomorrow as well-probably make it before noon-are you going to be at the south access or jerrys resort?

I was planning on Jerry’s. I pay the $3 and hoof it from there. I’m hoping to be there by 9. I’ll have an IceShanty flag flying off the back of my smitty-sled. Come say ‘hello’!

We got there a little later than I expected-I didn't see your flag but my eyesight isn't very good we were north of the resort-how did you do?-We got 1 nice (10'') perch and 5 dinks in 4 hours of fishing.  Horrible bite.  whats the deal?

Pretty slow morning for me, as well. I brought a couple (small) large-mouth bass, and one decent perch through the ice. (They were returned to grow bigger) I was gone by 1PM. Really slow bite out there. Noone was doing much good.

Heading up to Bead on Friday to check conditions and up to fish on Monday if it looks ok.  I'll post how it went.  Newport's been colder than Spo so hopefully ice is still ok


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