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Glad to see this thread has some new life in it! Bead is a somewhat enigmatic lake for fisherman. I'm new to this forum but figured I would sign up to make my contribution to the fishing reports. I'm heading up there today and plan on spending the night on the lake. My plan is to spilt up our gear between macs and kokes during the day, then head back out and pound the bottom for a few hours after dinner to see if we can't get hooked into a burb. Bringing my video gear so hopefully I will have a report for you guys in a few days and a video of the triumph/failure to follow.

Well, it was a tough weekend for everybody. After a day and a half of hard fishing my buddy and I had one squawfish to show for it. Fished the powerlines hard on Saturday, mostly for macs. Only saw about half a dozen marks on the finder so we headed east to the next arm where we set up camp for the night. lots of really small marks suspended in 30ft on a sharp break but no bait takers. I think they were some kind of fry. Fished our way back and had a report of one burb being caught back at the saddle and a couple more squawfish but that was it. Some locals that were heading out on Saturday that had fished Friday night said they got skunked but managed 5 burbs right by the launch last weekend. They thought it the poor fishing might have been from the cold front a low pressure that came in on Thursday. Anyway, ice was a solid 8" in the south arm there but got thin real quick in the main lake basin I turned around over about 70fow when the ice got down to about 3" :o  Bead might have won this round but the game is far from over for me.


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