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Hit Curlew lake Saturday morn early. Ice is not snow covered and ice cleats are a must. Ice is plenty thick seen snowmobiles on it. Fished from State Park boat launch. Lots of people fishing parking lot overfilled with cars and trucks. Caught some perch but had a hard time finding them. Heard some guys did well. Good luck fishing.

New member here! Following along with curlew ice reports. Hoping to get out there early February.

New member.  Would like to try ice fishing with a guide.  Anyone know of any guides who will take an old man ice fishing in NE Washington?  Please post information.

Been fishing Curlew since February 5. Ice is between 10-12Ē. I donít know if itís because itís been warm this week but the ice has been making lots of noise, sometimes cracking around us and we can feel it move, kinda un nerving. The fishing has been slow but it might be that we arenít fishing with maggots for the perch. We have been catching some whopper trout on night crawlers though. I do know a guy needs to be at least 40 feet deep.


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