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Swedish Pimple??

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Dave R:
Used one last season, then I lost it from a snag. Haven't gotten around to replacing it.

i use slender spoons when they stop and stare but don't bite jigs and they works some times. i added drop chains on some of them.

my go to is jigs always.

i really like swedish pimples for perch, but i've never really used them to target bluegill. the smallest CJ&S Slender Spoon has gotten me some monster bluegills and crappie this year though.

I have been fishing pretty much for 57 years. Now that I think about it I have never used a Swedish pimple. As popular as these things have been forever that seems kind of sad. When I fish for gills I normally go to a small jig and waxies. Many times if I am getting smaller ones I always go to a rod I have set up with a slender spoon. Amazing how the size of the gills go up.
Keep it safe! JDL

Just let it sit there and swing and quake in place  (bump once in a while) I'm tellin' ya!!


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