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As stated, first you have to pat dry the filet. Or if you use a wetter filet you need to give the breaded fish a half hour to dry through. Otherwise when the filets hit hot grease the water in batter reacts with the oil and your breading is compromised and soaks up oil. Second is over crowding the pan or fryer basket. This is a sure fire way to make a soggy batch of fish. Lastly if you can find a cooling rack that sits a half inch off the counter it is a great way to drain off all remaining oil and get a beautiful crispy exterior.

Top start with I have been doing most of my cooking with an air fryer. Maybe you sacrifice a little taste but you use no oil so no doubt it is healthier with way less calories. Not much different than most of the above. Pat dry the fillets, dip in a well mixed  bowl of egg and buttermilk, dredge thoroughly in your mix of choice; I like Panko style and seasoned Italian bread crumbs. You can also add some Parmesan to the bread crumbs. Then carefully lay them in the basket without overlapping. Cook for 6min. and turn over for an additional 4 at 370 degrees. Usually I just serve with some home made tartar, but at this point you can add whatever floats your boat. Here was tonight's batch caught late yesterday. Pretty tasty!

Easy way out. 1 cup original Shore lunch to one cup Cajun Shore lunch. Dip dry fillet in egg, then combined shore lunch. Deep fry at 350.

I stopped using egg wash, I just get them somewhat dry and use Andy's in what flavor you like. Hit them good with Andy's and then in the fry daddy, it is key to let your oil reach temp and not overcrowd.

i use a paper towel. throw the crappie away, eat the paper towel.


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