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First Gills of the season

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Pleasantly stuffed right now after a nice meal of pan fried gills, hand cut fries, and a little white wine on the side. Had a great first day out and released about three for every one I kept including a few over nine in. Two meals is my usual goal, and as a result a lot of the bigger fish end up back in the gene pool. Of course it's a lot easier to be cavalier when every gill is over 8". ;)

Very nice.  Finally getting some ice around here.  Hope to replicate your results this weekend.

More first gills. They were super negative, and dead sticks and tip downs took the lions share. Felt good to shake down the gear; and btw they didn't taste bad either  ;)

Nice 'lil pile VC! Beem skunked twice now-- ouch!

Dave R:
Nice! What make rod is that in the picture?


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